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What Makes us Giant in Pay-Per-Call

When it comes to Pay-Per-Call Marketing, the options can be overwhelming. We make it simple.


Click to uncover Lead Giant’s three keys to growth.  

Office Setting about pay-per-call marketing

1. PLATFORM – A powerful call tracking and management platform.

You have full access to our platform which provides detailed and accurate tracking. You get total control and visibility from start to finish, meaning you know exactly where your leads are coming from, which campaigns are performing best and what we are doing to strengthen your campaigns.

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2. NETWORK – A vast network that includes access to diverse online and offline channels.

Reach into targeted markets and audience segments through our comprehensive network of media channels and publishers. The depth and breadth of our network is a driving factor for your growth and is the key to Pay-Per-Call Campaigns that perform.

Reach through to the right leads.

3. PEOPLE – A team of Lead Giants whose central goal is your growth.

Our people are well-rounded individuals and certified industry experts. They will take the time to get to know you, to identify your key areas of opportunity, and to build you a custom rapid-growth strategy based on those insights.

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