What’s the Difference Between Pay Per Click and Pay Per Call?

Despite how increasingly complicated the landscape is, digital marketing isn’t anything new. Most affiliates out there are very familiar with pay per click models of performance marketing. But pay per click isn’t the end all be all of performance marketing.


More and more affiliates are turning to pay per call for long-term revenue. If you’re interested in new forms of revenue for your performance based marketing efforts, learn the difference between pay per click and pay per call.


Here are 4 key differences between pay per click and pay per call that every affiliate should know.

difference between pay per click and pay per call affiliate marketing

Pay per call has less competition

The pay per click world is flooded with affiliates competing for the top positions in search results, the best spot in social media ads, and more. With the competition being so cut throat in pay per click, that means the costs of getting your ads is higher.


One benefit and key difference between pay per click and pay per call is that the cost for pay per call promotion is significantly smaller. Affiliates focusing on pay per call are able to get more bang for their buck.


Pay per call leads are higher quality

Pay per click advertising is a natural fit for the digital world. Consumers are very comfortable with taking an action on pay per click ads. But since the threshold for engagement is so low on pay per click ads, quality must be sacrificed.


Pay per call takes quality seriously. Pay per call tools make it easy to filter and route callers, so affiliates are proportionally paid for the high quality traffic they drive. It’s a win-win for affiliates and advertisers.


Pay per call works on multiple channels and devices

Pay per click advertising is limited to the digital channels and devices. But we don’t live in a digital only world. Pay per call blurs the line between the digital and offline world.


With pay per call, affiliates are opened up to additional streams of revenue like radio, tv, and billboard. There is a lot of opportunity in the way affiliates can choose to promote their pay per call campaigns, and that translate into higher revenue.


Pay per call is easily optimized

At their core pay per call and pay per click advertising are both fairly easy to optimize. You can change the copy, the headline, and the imagery. With pay per call you have the added benefit of optimizing the positioning of the phone number on the ad. Affiliates play with the imagery and copy of their ads to play up the desire action, a call. There are plenty of pay per call networks that work with affiliates to help get the most out of their efforts, and that includes offering advice for optimizing campaigns.


Pay per click is a tried and true form of performance based marketing, but pay per call is quickly gaining popularity. And for good reason. These key differences between pay per click and pay per call can has the potential to make a big impact on the revenue affiliates can expect to earn. If you’re already familiar with pay per click, it’s time you tried pay per call. Contact us to see if our pay per call affiliate program is a good fit for you.

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