Pay Per Call and Local Business: A Perfect Match

Pay per call is not just a powerful marketing tactic for large enterprise businesses.


Small, local businesses – the mom and pop shops – are perfect candidates for successful pay per call offers. Affiliates can make a steady income from local marketing offers with the right strategy.


If you’re interested in how to earn revenue from local marketing, here’s what you need to know:

Why pay per call and local business is a perfect match

Why pay per call works

In this day and age, the only local businesses that survive have a strong digital presence. But that’s only half of the battle. Not only do local businesses have to be everywhere their potential customers are – social, email, search, etc. – they also have to connect the online and offline experience so that customers actually make the jump from digital to purchase. And often that purchase process occurs offline via a phone call or in-store visit.


Phone calls have always been a particularly valuable interaction for local businesses. Consumers are very comfortable with calling a business to set an appointment, ask for a quote, or complete a purchase. So it makes sense that local businesses decide to incorporate pay per call into their marketing strategy, and affiliates stand to benefit from this.


The role of mobile

One of the biggest keys to the shift in local marketing is the smartphone. Nearly two-thirds of consumers in the US own a smartphone, and that number is on the rise. These mobile users are on-the-go, looking for a quick answer so they can move on with their day. And what quicker way is there to connect directly with a business than a phone call?


A phone call is direct, immediate, and personal. Everything a consumer has come to expect in the emerging omnichannel customer journey. Local businesses already excel at connecting with their audience with phone calls, so driving more calls via pay per call is a no-brainer.


Top performing categories

Not all local businesses are created equal. Some simply work better than others for driving phone calls. Therefore affiliates want to be a little cautious when joining a pay per call offer for a local business. Some of the best performing categories for affiliates include:


  • Homes services: Plumbers, landscapers, home repair.
  • Legal: local law firms.
  • Finance: Local banks and credit unions.


It’s important to think through what the overall goal of the business is when it comes to driving phone calls. Are they looking to have more appointments set, to provide more quotes, or increase purchases? The business and their business model will determine how you create and optimize your local pay per call campaigns.


Final Tips for Success

Here are some basic tips for success with local business pay per call campaigns:


  • Focus on mobile: Consumers are mobile. They’re on the go, focus your efforts for mobile channels like search, display, and social.
  • Keep in mind business operation hours: It’s a waste of time and resources to drive calls when a local business is not open. It’s also a poor experience for customers. Make sure you schedule your pay per call campaigns during the operating hours of the local business.
  • Targeting is key: Make sure you target the specific region that the local business services. There’s no point in driving calls from New York for a local plumbing business in Utah.


Local businesses and affiliates have a lot to gain with pay per call. Make sure you do your research before joining a local business pay per call campaign.

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