Getting Started on the LeadGiant Pay Per Call Platform

At LeadGiant, we’ve partnered with Invoca to provide you with a Pay Per Call platform that contains all the campaign information, tracking and reporting. Once you login, you can apply to campaigns, see your commissions, and review campaign performance so you can optimize your pay per call promotional efforts. All this might seem a little intimidating so here are 3 steps to help you get started on the LeadGiant Pay Per Call platform.

Step 1: Applying to a campaign

Once you are approved on our network, the first step is to login and review the list of available campaigns to find the one that’s right for you. In your dashboard, mouse over “Campaigns” on the top navigation bar and select “Apply to New Campaigns”. This will take you to a page with a list of available campaigns. The list will display the campaign by name, category, payout, and whether a landing page is available (web integrated).


Clicking on the campaign name will allow you to review specific details for this offer. It’s important to review and acknowledge the campaign terms and promotional restrictions before you apply to the campaign. If you find a pay per call campaign that you’d like to drive call traffic for, be sure to provide specific information under the section “APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT TO TERMS” that will detail how you are going to promote this particular campaign when you apply. As majority of the campaigns require advertisers’ approval before you can be added, providing specific and required information demonstrate that you understood the campaign promotional requirements. This will increase your chances of getting approved to the campaign.


Step 2: Pulling promo numbers

After being accepted to the pay per call campaign, you’re ready to pull a promo number to start your promotion. To pull a promo number, go into the campaign and click on the “Promo Number” tab. You have the option to pull a local or a toll-free promo number. In most cases, a toll-free number will work better unless you are advertising an a small local area. Click on the “Add Toll-Free Number” button and select the Media Type and enter a description to help you track where you’ve used this particular promo number. Choosing the right media type and entering a detailed description is important as it’d help you identify which promo numbers are bringing in the call traffic that converts (see next step for more details). Once you’re done, click “Save” and you’ll be assigned a unique promo number for call tracking.


Now that you have a promo number, you can start using this number in your online and mobile advertising to drive call traffic for the advertiser.


Step 3: Reporting and Performance Basics

Now that you’ve launched your campaign promotion, it’s time review the campaign performance using the reporting feature. A list of reports can be found by mousing over “Reports” on your dashboard and you are able to choose from two detailed reports and three summary reports. To get an overview of which campaign is performing the best, select the “Top Campaigns” report. To drill down to see which promo number(s) generated the most paid call traffic, click on the number under the “Paid Call” column. Here you’d be able to see the promo number(s) along with their media type and description, letting you know which channel or promotional method generated the paid call.


You should review the campaign reports periodically to see how each campaign is performing and optimize your advertising promotions based on what is generating the most paid call traffic.

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