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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of becoming a Lead Giant publisher? We know you’ve got questions, so please take a look at our list of FAQs below to help you find the answers.

How to Join the Lead Giant Affiliate Program

What is the Lead Giant Pay-Per-Call program?
The Lead Giant Pay-Per-Call program is a partnership program where our publishers earn commissions based on the calls they send to our program offers. Our platform provides all the necessary tracking and reporting so our publishers will know when a call meets the advertiser’s specific criteria and is considered a payable call.

What does a Lead Giant publisher do?
As a Lead Giant publisher, you will be promoting our offers with the use of unique and trackable promo phone numbers. These promo numbers can be placed in banners, landing pages, websites, text ads or other approved methods you plan to use to promote our offers with online and offline advertising. Some banners and landing pages are supplied but you may also create your own and submit the creative for approvals prior to running the promotion.

Does it cost money to join the Lead Giant Pay-Per-Call program?
No, joining the Lead Giant Pay-Per-Call program is absolutely free!

How do I join the Lead Giant Pay-Per-Call program?
The Lead Giant Pay-Per-Call program is free to join. Simply complete the Lead Giant Publisher Sign-Up Form and you will be contacted in a timely manner. If your application is accepted, you will be provided with information on how to access our platform. Be sure to complete the form with accurate and detailed information.

I am getting an “Email and password do not match” error. What should I do?
If you are getting an “Email and password do not match” error when you sign up on our platform, this usually means that you already have an account with a network that also uses the Invoca platform. If you’ve tried using the same password and are still getting this error, you may need to update your password to meet Invoca’s new password security standards. To update your password, you’ll need to reset it. Follow the steps below to reset your password:

  1. Go to invoca.net/ppclogin and click “Forgot Password”
  2. An email will be sent to your email address to prompt you to reset your password
  3. Once you’ve reset your password, come back to our platform sign-up page and complete the sign-up using the new password.

When choosing a new password, it must contain at least:

  • One special character
  • One uppercase letter
  • One number

Getting Started on the Lead Giant Network

How do I see a list of your campaigns?
You must be approved on our network platform to see a list of our campaigns. Once you are approved, you may log in and review a list of our available offers.

  1. Log in to our platform at https://leadgiant.invoca.net/login
  2. In the Dashboard, mouse over “CAMPAIGNS”
  3. Select “Apply to New Campaigns” from the dropdown menu to see a list of available campaigns

How do I apply to a campaign?
Once you have found a campaign that’s right for you and have reviewed the specific details and promotional restrictions:

To apply to the campaign, scroll to the bottom of the campaign detail page where you’ll find the section “APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT TO TERMS”. In this section, be sure to provide details on how you will be promoting this particular campaign. Then select the checkbox to agree to the campaign terms and click “Apply to Campaign”.

TIP: As a majority of the campaigns require advertisers’ approval before you can be added, providing specific and required information with your application demonstrates that you understood the campaign promotional requirements and will increase your chances of getting approval.

Which promotional methods are allowed?
Each advertiser will have different requirements for their campaigns, so allowed and restricted promotional methods will differ between campaigns. Review the campaign details thoroughly, and pay close attention to the section “Promotion Methods: Restricted Promotional Methods” within the campaign details page. To ensure you are viewing all the available allowed/restricted promotional methods, be sure to click on the link “Show All”.

How do I pull a promo number?
Once you are accepted to a pay-per-call campaign, you will be able to pull a unique promo number for this particular campaign. Since most campaigns cover wide geotargeted areas, the following instructions show how to pull a toll-free number for your campaign.

To pull a promo number:

  1. Go into the campaign that you’d like to pull a promo number for
  2. Select the “Promo Number” tab
  3. Click on the “Add Toll-Free Number” button
  4. Select the Media Type for this number (ie. What type of media will this number be used in)
  5. Enter a description for this promo number (ie. Google Adword, Bing Ads, Facebook…etc)
  6. Click “Save” and you will be assigned a unique promo number for call tracking

Commission and Payment Terms

How is commission determined?
Commission is determined based on the payout condition set by the advertiser campaign. When a call meets all the conditions, our call tracking platform will automatically mark the call as “Paid” and you will see the commission amount associated to this call.

What is the difference between Total Duration and Connected Duration?
Total Duration is the total amount of time a caller stays on the line from the moment the call is made. Connected Duration is the amount of time a caller stays on the line once the caller is connected to the advertiser. All our pay-per-call campaigns use Connected Duration as the call length for the payout criteria.

Am I guaranteed payment for sending calls to the campaign?
No, not all calls are guaranteed payment. Only calls that meet all the payout conditions will earn a commission. Each campaign has a different set of payout conditions which are usually based on call length, call hours (when the calls come in), and location (where the caller is dialing from). Pay attention to the campaign requirements such as call center hours and time zones, target region, target demographic and restrictions to ensure the calls you are sending have a higher chance to convert into payable calls.

How do you know that a call came from my promotions?
When you pull a promo number for a campaign from our platform, that promo number is unique to you. Any calls coming in via this promo number will be tracked and associated to your account.

When do I receive payment for the billable calls I generated?
We do payment on a monthly basis with a payment term of Net-15. This means that at the beginning of each month, we will review your total billable calls from the previous month and remit payment to you before the 15th of the current month.

How do I get paid for the billable calls I generated?
Currently we send payment by PayPal or by cheque.

Can I get paid via PayPal?
Yes! Please speak with your Account Manager on how to receive your payment through PayPal.

Who do I contact if I have other questions?
Please contact your Account Manager directly, or use our website’s Contact page. While we’re on Social Media, our preferred method of communication is by phone or email. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email any time you have questions.