4 Reasons Why Customers Want To Call Your Business

Despite an evolving technology landscape, customers still have the same expectations. They expect a customer journey that is simple, relevant, and personalized. Businesses are expected to be exactly where their customer is, right when their customer needs them. And with the rise of mobile, customers’ expectations have only heightened.

One thing that hasn’t changed in recent years is the customers’ need to connect with a business over the phone. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why your customers want the option to call your business.

why people want to call your business

1. They need more information

Sometimes the online experience just doesn’t cut it. If you are promoting an offer for a complex product or service, your landing page might not have enough information. No one clicks “add to cart” on an insurance policy. Make sure to include a phone number on landing pages and in search ads. Give people the option to call and see your conversion rates increase.

2. They have a question

Sure, you can include a live chat feature on your website, but sometimes text communication just doesn’t cut it. You have to spend all the time typing out your complex question. Then you have wait for the response. And who knows if they understood your question. Worst case scenario, you’re trying to reach out via live chat when they’re not available.

Mobile users are on the go and want to get their questions answered quickly so they can move on with their day. A phone call has a 100% contact rate, and allows customers to be instantly connected to a business. The call agent or sales rep also has the opportunity to address exact questions and concerns in real time and open up the opportunity to sell, cross-sell, and upsell.

3. It’s convenient

Click to call buttons and call-only ads make it easy for customers to connect via mobile. They can go from search, to landing page, and make a call all in one easy step. And you’ll enjoy the benefits of getting complete attribution for all of the conversions you are driving.

4. It’s personal

A web click can only tell you so much. And more often than not, customers are willing to put false information to avoid being contacted. If you really want to get to know someone, there’s no better way to do it than with a phone call. You’ll get clear insight into their personal information, their interests, preferences, and more. Your customers are willing to share their data with a business as long as it is used responsibly. And customers inherently trust a phone call more than an unknown website.

Keep in mind why customers will want to call, and you’ll be able create more effective pay per call offers. And remember to always be testing!


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